As the only bridge named after an entity on the Suzhou River, the ECUPL Bridge connects ECUPL’s Changning campus on both sides of the river.



In 1950, St. John’s Bridge was damaged and almost collapsed due to ageing. The university raised funds to have the wooden bridge overhaul by the Department of Civil Engineering. The original mid-span wooden beams were replaced with steel reinforced concrete and the bridge deck would still be paved with crossbars as before. The construction was completed three months later.

In 1967, St. John’s Bridge was demolished due to years of disrepair and the elevation of water level of the Suzhou River. In October, 1980, East China Institute of Politics and Law built a new reinforced concrete bridge on the northwest side of the site of the bridge (the north corner of Shuren Hall). The new bridge was 44.6 meters long and 4.3 meters wide, named as the Campus Bridge. In September, 2001, the university rebuilt the present steel-structured bridge because the cement on the bridge deck fell off and exposed the reinforcing bars, and people felt the bridge shaky when crossing it. In 2008, in preparation for the World Expo, the university renovated the handrails, steps and deck of the bridge and renamed it “the ECUPL Bridge” in 2009.