Formerly known as the Seaman Hall, the cornerstone of the East-Wind Building was laid at the end of 1923 and was inaugurated on 13 December in the following year. It was one of the larger buildings in the modern architecture of St. John’s University.


The two-storey building, with a brick-and-timber structure, presents a quadrangle-style pattern. The facade is mainly made of grey bricks, sketched with white lines, and decorated with red bricks in distinct colour. The overall style of the building remains that of a veranda, with curved arches on the windows. Such an ingenious combination makes the cumbersome brick-and-timber structure lofty and elegant.


Since 1925, the Seaman Hall had been used as a teaching building of St. John’s University’s Affiliated High School. During the large-scale adjustment of universities and departments nationwide in 1952, St. John’s University was closed and the Seaman Hall was transferred to the Department of Mathematics of East China Normal University, and was not returned to East China Institute of Politics and Law until 1956.Years later, the Seaman Hall was renamed the East-Wind Building.