In 1935, St. John’s University built a new building on the north side of the Gymnasium as the students’ dormitories. The new building was named the Shuren (means to cultivate talents” in Chinese) Building, echo of the wise saying that “it takes 10 years to grow trees, but 100 years to cultivate talents”.


As one of the buildings in the later stage of St. John’s University, the Shuren Building was more simplified in style. Although it still had a large Chinese roof and a Chinese overhanging cornice at the entrance, there was no special decoration on all the facades, and the large, simple rectangular windows in particular give the building a modern minimalist look.


From 1952 to 1956, the Shuren Building was an office building of East China Institute of Physical Education. After the relocation of East China Institute of Physical Education, it was used as the teaching and research offices for the faculty of East China Institute of Politics and Law. In 2001, the Shuren Building was used as a student dormitory building.