East China University of Political Science and Law

On the morning of June 9th, East China University of Political Science and Law held grand celebrations to rename in public. Xiao Yang--President of the Supreme People's Court, Gong Xueping--Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Chairman, Zhang Geng--Procuratorate of the Supreme People's Deputy Procurator General, Cao Jianming--Executive vice president of the Supreme People's Court, Zhao Dacheng--Deputy Minister of Justice, Yin Yicui--Deputy secretary of the Shanghai CPC Committee, Shen Deyong--Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wu Zhiming--Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and secretary of the Commission of Political Science and Law and Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Huang Ermei-- the vice-ministerial level full-time member of the Judical Committee of the Supreme People's Court,Yang Dinghua--Shanghai Vice-Mayor, Teng Yilong--president of the Shanghai Higher People's Court, Wu Guangyu—the Shanghai Municipal People's Procuratorate,Lu Jinping--Political Commissar of the Shanghai Armed Police Corps Major General, Cai Xumin--Shanghai People's Procuratorate Deputy Procurator General, Qin Shaode--Party Secretary of Fudan University, Zhang Wenxian--Party secretary of Jilin University, and other leaders attended the meeting. Du Zhichun, Secretary of Communist Party in East China University of Political Science and Law addressed a speech for the celebrations. He Qinhua, president of East China University of Political Science and Law, chaired the celebrations.
In the meeting, Gong Xueping--Chairman of the Standing Committee of Shanghai and Zhang Geng--the Supreme People's Deputy Procurator General unveiled the rename board for East China University of Political Science and Law. Shanghai Vice-Mayor Yang Dinghua read A Notice From Ministry of Education On Agreeing East China University of Politics and Law to Change Its Name to East China University of Political Science and Law. Deputy Minister of Justice Zhao Dacheng delivered a speech, in which he said that ECUPL as the earliest one of the political and legal institutions in New China had nurtured and conveyed a lot of legal talent. This success to rename marked the school's development had entered a brand-new stage.
Deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee Yin Yicui expected ECUPL regarded this rename as an opportunity, relying on the geographical advantage and law education merits, and focused on forming special characteristics of the subjects in the academic construction, teaching and research, personnel training and other aspects, walking a road of particular education, producing first-rate talent, creators of advanced culture, and play a greater role in the new era of Shanghai's political, economic, cultural development.
Procuratorate of the Supreme People's Court Xiao Yang also delivered a speech in the celebration. He spoke highly of the achievements of the ECUPL having found for 55 years, transporting to the community of more than 100,000 high-quality professional law enforcement personnel, and contributing to the motherland, the rule of law and social development. He hoped that, all the teachers and students of ECUPL continue to carry forward the spirits of ECUPL "in the face of adversity were to rise; in the face of crisis were to forge ahead; in the face of brilliance were to perfect", adhering to the motto of ECUPL "Behavior sincerely and Learn thirstily, Revere virtues and respect Laws", seize opportunities, so that the spirits will be passed on and develop ECUPL into a university of high level of multidisciplinary characteristics, facing East China and radiating the whole country.